Windows 7 Cool Feature: Problem Steps Recorder

It seems that windows 7 come up with a quite interesting tool that we call it PSR (Problem Steps Recorder). PSR can be used to automatically capture the steps performed by user on computer and save into file that can be used by support professional to help user troubleshoot the issue. Unfortunately this tool is only come with windows 7. Until today we can’t have it on windows vista / XP.


What’s new on CES 2009

Yeah… CES 2009 will start on 8th January 2009 and lasts until 11th January 2009 which will present state-of-the-art technology.
What’s the upcoming technologies and gadgets will be shown on stage? Let’s take a look:
1. New OQO with Intel Atom
2. LG Set to Debut 480Hz LCD TV
3. World’s First USB 3.0 Storage
4. HDTV Trends to Expect
5. Samsung to Unveil Sweet HDTVs 
6. Touch screen Netbooks
7. LG-GD910 3G HSDPA Wrist Phone
8. LG LH95 is World’s thinnest LED TV
9. Dashboard Devices Set to Debut Car Computer


Grow your business online using Microsoft Office Live Small Business

With Microsoft Office Live Small Business, you can have your own company branded website and email for free. The only thing that you need to pay is a domain name. Without domain name you still can have it, but… Of course, you won’t own your branded domain. Your website domain will be “[name]” and your email address will be “[name]”.

With this free account,
– You have 500MB space for your website.
– You can add up to 5 user to maintain your account.
– You can create up to 100 email account.
– You can build your own website easily online.
– You can use available theme & layout to speed up creating web.

If you are a new comer to business or you want to have your own branded website and email, Microsoft Office Live Small Business could be your right choice.
You just need to spend a few buck for your own domain which nowadays is very cheap.


Microsoft Office Live Workspace (beta)

Now… google docs has competitor. That is Microsoft Office Live Workspace. IMHO, I still fell that google docs is better.
you can edit the document online using google docs that currently you can’t do it in beta version of Microsoft Office Live Workspace. In order to edit Microsoft Office Live Workspace documents , you still need Microsoft Office installed on your PC.

go to Google Docs

go to Microsoft Office Live Workspace (beta)


Get Faster Gmail with a faster browser

Yeah…, Christmas is coming…
Today, i just notice there is something new on my Gmail. What’s new?
Just a red-bold-text “Get Faster Gmail”.
Google said that their Gmail will run average twice as fast if you upgrade your browser to either Firefox 3, Google Chrome and IE8 which is still in beta. Is it true? let’s try out.