BPC Login Web Client Issue: Stuck at loading screen using Internet Explorer


Troubleshooting Steps:

1. Clear the cookies and cache of your browser.
2. Ensure adobe flash player active x is installed on the machine. BPC needs adobe flash player active x to display the portal.
3. Ensure sufficient access to BPC web login. Check with BPC Administrator and ensure the following 2 roles are added. These 2 roles are required for user to access BPC via web.


4. Ensure the user has sufficient permission to access the BPC.

Root cause analysis:

1. User can login using other computer without EPM Plug-in installed. (EPM Plug-in is not the problem)
2. Try open website which contain flash object.  (If the website can play or open the flash object, flash player should not be an issue)
3. User can login using other browser such as Chrome or Firefox but not IE. (BPC required roles have been added and most likely the user browser issue on IE)
4. Try login using IP/ServerName/FQDN which pointing to the same server. (If it works most likely browser cookies & cache is the root cause)
5. Clear the cookies, cache and IE Temporary Files accordingly and try again. (Troubleshooting steps 1 above most likely is the solution)


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