Once you pass your PMP exam, congratulation!!!. The next task for you is to maintain the PMP Certification. To renew it, you have to clock in 60 PDUs for 3 year cycle. Otherwise your certification might be suspended and then a year later will be expired.

Free PDUs

Category-A & B: Course Offered by REPs & Continued Education

In this category, you can earn unlimited numbers of Professional Development Units.

    Category-C: Self-Directed Learning

    Under this category you can earn up to 30 PDUs just by reading any project management related book. Once you complete reading this book you can report it to PMI and claim PDUs. Please note that one hour of activity is equal to one PDU.

    You can also claim PDUs from listening podcast: Free Podcasts from Project Management Podcast
    Find out how to claim PDUs for listening podcast: Procedure to Report PM Podcasts to PMI

Category-F: Working as a Professional in Project Management

Here you can claim total 15 PDUs per CCR cycle, or 5 PDUs per year, for just working as a professional in project management. You can easily clock in your PM working experience into this category.