1. Architecture Principles, Vision, and Requirements artifacts are intended to capture the surrounding context of for mal architecture models, including general architecture principles, strategic context that forms input for architecture modeling, and requirements generated from the architecture. The architecture context is typically collected in the Preliminary and Architecture Vision phases.
  2. Business Architecture artifacts capture architectural models of business operation, looking specifically at factors that motivate the enterprise, how the enterprise is organizationally structured, and also what functional capabilities the enterprise has.
  3. Information Systems Architecture artifacts capture architecture models of IT systems, looking at applications and data in line with the TOGAF ADM phases.
  4. Technology Architecture artifacts capture procured technology assets that are used to implement and realize information system solutions.
  5. Architecture Realization artifacts capture change roadmaps showing transition between architecture states and binding statements that are used to steer and govern an implementation of the architecture.

Refer to the following for the detail artifacts association.