a. Endorse TOGAF ADM methodology (TOGAF ADM)


b. During Preliminary phase & Architecture Vision phase, we could start with

i. Identifying the scope and level detail of coverage

ii. Identifying the working assumption

iii. Identifying the stakeholder and actor involved

iv. Identifying generic principle

v. Identifying architecture vision

[Assumption: The resources and fund are available to carry out the Enterprise Architecture blueprint and actual development. Executive sponsorship and management endorsement is ensured.]

c. Perform Architecture Development for each domain (BA, IA, AA, TA) according to the following steps

i. Select reference model, viewpoints and tools

ii. Develop baseline architecture

iii. Develop target architecture

iv. Perform gap analysis

v. Define candidate roadmap components

vi. Resolve impacts across the Architecture Landscape

vii. Conduct formal stakeholder review

[Develop current state (baseline architecture) and target state (target architecture), identify the gap between those and provide the solution to fill in the gap. SWOT analysis will be helpful to identify the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in business areas as well as IT areas]

E.g. SWOT Analysis

SWOT Business



BSS.1 Global operation.

BSO.1 Boundary less information flow to streamline the process.



BSW.1 High downtime contribute on potential business lost.

BST.1 Some staff do not support EA project.




TSS.1 Good utilization of existing hardware

BSO.1 Application to support boundary less information flow



TSW.1 All the IT system is standalone/not connected.

TST.1 No more support for the existing application.

d. Consolidate the GAP and prepare transition plan

E.g. GAP Consolidation (BG – Business GAP, IG – IT GAP)







Business Continuity

Server has high downtime.

Server availability will be improved by using more robust servers or system architecture.

  • Increase the availability of business.


Delay to get information when needed

Some information is inaccessible even though the information is authorized to him/her

All information is accessible for authorized personal

  • Information is widely accessible hence manual process to get or consolidate the information can be eliminated


Multiple & decentralized application

All applications are standalone

All application are interconnected each other

  • Support boundary less information flow

e. Validate the GAP with stakeholders on the consolidated plan and transition plan

f. Realize the transition plan through projects

g. Ensure the governance is implemented and make sure all the projects are being done according to what has been planned & designed (properly)

h. If there is the change, manage the change properly