Business Analysis

Competencies of Business Analyst

Behavior skills and personal qualifications

      1. Communication
      2. Relationship Building
      3. Team Working
      4. Influencing
      5. Political Awareness
      6. Analytical and Critical Thinking
      7. Attention to Detail
      8. Problem Solving
      9. Leadership
      10. Self Belief
Business Knowledge

      1. Finance & Economy
      2. Domain Knowledge
      3. Information Technology
      4. Business Case Development
      5. Supplier Management
      6. Subject Matter Expert
      7. Organization Structure & Design

      1. Project Management Professional
      2. Stakeholder Management
      3. Strategy Analysis
      4. Investigation Technique
      5. Requirement Engineering
      6. Business System Modeling
      7. Business Process Modeling
      8. Data Modeling
      9. Business Process Change
      10. Facilitation Technique
Business Analyst Process Modelimage

Reference: Business Analysis, Debra Paul, Donald Yeates and James Cadle


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