InfoPath: Filter SharePoint List with condition

Connection to return SharePoint List in XML


Code Behind of InfoPath

public void FormEvents_Loading(object sender, LoadingEventArgs e)
    // Write your code here.

private void SetCompaniesOptions()

    FileQueryConnection q = (FileQueryConnection)this.DataConnections["XML SharePoint Company List"];
    q.FileLocation = q.FileLocation + "&FilterField1=Tag&FilterValue1=" +GetFilterValue();
    //XPathNavigator mainNav = this.CreateNavigator();
    //mainNav.SelectSingleNode("//my:PaymentRequest/my:Requestor/my:Company", NamespaceManager).SetValue(q.FileLocation);

private string GetFilterValue()
    XPathNavigator nav = this.CreateNavigator();
    string filterValue = (string)nav.SelectSingleNode("/my:PaymentRequest/my:Configuration/my:CompanyOption", this.NamespaceManager).ValueAs(typeof(string));
    return filterValue;


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