Remove unwanted dropdown list view item on SharePoint List

Example: Remove Relink Documents dropdown item from SharePoint InfoPath Form Library List View.


  <ListViewXml xmlns="">&lt;View Name="{19E73B47-1B6B-4625-A879-3D6861B2D231}" Type="HTML" Hidden="TRUE" DisplayName="Relink Documents" Url="/test/Forms/repair.aspx" Level="1" BaseViewID="9" ContentTypeID="0x" …

After changing DisplayName:

  <ListViewXml xmlns="">&lt;View Name="{19E73B47-1B6B-4625-A879-3D6861B2D231}" Type="HTML" Hidden="TRUE" DisplayName="" Url="/test/Forms/repair.aspx" Level="1" BaseViewID="9" ContentTypeID="0x"



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