Project Management

IT Project Management Life Cycle – Version 1

1. Project Initialization
    a. Project Charter
    b. Project Plan + Dashboard
    c. Project Schedule
    d. Project Organization Chart
    e. Project Scope + Requirement
    f. Project Kick Off Meeting
2. Project Planning
    a. Hardware & Software Requirement & Design Plan
    b. Infrastructure Architecture
    c. Application Architecture
    d. Solution Architecture
    e. Functional Specification
    f. Technical Specification
    g. Coding & Reporting Guidelines
3. Project Executing
    a. Development/Coding
    b. Setup/Configuration
    c. Deployment
4. Project Controlling
    a. UAT
    b. Stabilization/Testing
    c. Reporting (Quarterly/Monthly/Bi-Weekly/Weekly/Daily)
5. Project Closure
    a. Project Summary
    b. Project Closure Meeting
    c. Feedback & Documentation


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