You experience issues with portal alerts in SharePoint Portal Server 2003 or with search performance in SharePoint Server 2007 after you create SQL Server 2005 maintenance plans

These issues occur because the Rebuild index task does not restore all the options that are set on the indexes that are used by SharePoint Portal Server 2003 or by SharePoint Server 2007 after indexes are rebuilt. The Ignore duplicate values option is turned off after indexes are rebuilt.

SqlCrawl::ExecuteCommand fails Error 0x80040e2f
CGathererQueueManager::FlushQueue failed with recoverable error 0x80040e2f
CGathererFilterSink::CommitLinks : pGatherAddLink->AddLinkComplete error=0x80040e2f

Check Ignore Duplicate Values for this following indexes:
select [name], [type_desc], [is_unique], [ignore_dup_key] from sys.indexes where name in (‘IX_MSSAnchorChangeLog’, ‘IX_MSSAnchorPendingChangeLog’, ‘IX_MSSCrawlChangedSourceDocs’, ‘IX_MSSCrawlChangedTargetDocs’,’IX_MSSCrawledPropSamplesByDocid’,’IX_MSSCrawlErrorList_hrResult’, ‘IX_MSSCrawlHostList_Name’,’IX_MSSCrawlQueue’,’IX_MSSDocSdids’)
Result: ignore_dup_key must 1, fix accordingly if you encounter 0.



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