There are 2 Type of Optimization:
1. Onpage Optimization
    Optimization come from our website (To get better Indexing & crawling)
2. Offpage Optimization
    Optimization come from other website (to get better page rank)

Onpage Optimization:
– Define Good Keyword
– Page title
– Header tags
– Alt tags
– Meta tags
– Bolding, italicing, and underlining
– Placing keyword in the correct position on the page
– Applicable for All Search Engine

Offpage Optimization
– Which websites link to you
     * High Page Rank
     * Good Content Website
     * Authority Website = High PR & Good Content pointed by Google as authority website
– The number of websites linking to you
– The page title & keyword of the website linking to you
– The anchor text used in the link linking to you
– The number and type of links linking to the website that’s linking to you.
– The number of outbound links on the website that is linking to you.
    "outbound links” => the links that are pointing to other websites, other than your pages.
– The total number of links on the website that is linking to you.
– The IP Address of the websites linking to you.
– Applicable for Google Search Engine.

Don’t get your website to be penalized/banned by Search Engine
How to check?
– Search the website in the search engine
– If you are using Google, check the page rank of the website
– If you can’t find your website & the page rank is zero (disabled)
  then most likely your website has been banned by search engine

What can cause your website to get banned?
Onpage Factor
– Hidden Text
– Alt image tag spamming
– Meta tag stuffing
– Title tag stuffing
Offpage Factor
– Have a bad neighborhoods
– Link to your business partner website & that website has been banned by search engine
– Link to illegal website

Why Offpage Optimization is very important especially for Google?
– Offpage Optimization will give you a better page rank.
– Better rank = more important = authority website =
  More chance to get your website show in first page of Google search engine.