Why Lifecycle?
• Building on a great practice base
• Managing services from cradle to grave
• Removing process silos
• Reflecting the public feedback for holistic lifecycle focus

The Service Lifecycle
• Service Strategy
• Service Design
• Service Transition
• Service Operation
• Continual Service Improvement

A service is a means of delivering value to customers by facilitating outcomes customers want to achieve without the ownership of specific costs and risks.

Service Strategy:
• Shows the organizations how to transform Service Management into strategic asset and to then think and act in a strategic manner
• Helps clarify the relationships between various services, systems or processes and the business models, strategies or objectives they support

Service Design:
“The design of appropriate and innovative IT services, including their architectures, processes, policies and documentation to meet current and future agreed business requirements”

• Provides guidance for the design and development of services and service management processes
• The scope includes new services, changes and improvements necessary to increase or maintain value to the customers over the lifecycle of services

Service Transition:
• Plan and implement the deployment of all releases to create a new service or improve an existing service
• Assure that the proposed changes in the service design package are realized
• Successfully steer releases through testing and into live environment
• Transition services to/from other organizations
• Decommission or terminate services

Service Operation:
• Coordinate and carry-out day to day activities and processes to deliver and manage services at agreed levels
• Ongoing management of the technology that is used to deliver and support services
• Where the plans, designs and optimizations are executed and measured

Continual Service Improvement (CSI):
• Aims to continually align / Realign IT services to changing business needs by identifying and implementing improvements
• Continually looking for ways to improve process efficiency and effectiveness as well as cost effectiveness