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SubVersion Source Control (Free Source Control)

SubVersion Source Control: Install “TortoiseSVN-”
You can download from

SubVersion Visual Studio Integration: Install “AnkhSvn-2.1.7141.181.msi”
You can download from

After finished the installation follow the steps below:

Map Network Drive (Any e.g. Y) to \\ServerName\SourceControls$ (Source Controls  Location)

Go to Y Drive and Create new folder –> MyProjects, right click on it and select Create repository here…

Now … time to upload/import

Select your stuff folder that you want to import, right click then select import… (Check In)

Now … time to get latest …

Create folder in your local hard disk (e.g. C Drive) as a working folder.


Right click the folder and select SVN Checkout…

Point the URL of repository to file:///Y:/MyProjects (Change “Z” to “Y” Picture above)

Subversion starts get latest

Now you have the working folder link to source control.

Open the project file (.net) using visual studio 2008, you will see that your project is connected to the source control just like VSS but FREE!.

Resource Link:
Tortoise SVN – User Guide.pdf

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