1. Logon as Administrator
2. Open the WSS site to be copied in SharePoint Designer (SPD)
3. In SharePoint Designer, select the menu option Site -> Administration -> Backup Web Site
4. Choose if you want to include subsites. Click OK, then enter the path where the backup files will be saved, and give the backup file a name. Note that the file type will be Content Migration Package (cmp). Click OK to start the backup process; wait for it to complete, then click OK.
5. The you need to create an empty site, that is, a site without a site template. For this, you need to use the STSADM tool. Open a new Command prompt and type the following command to create an Empty site with URL http://server1/Sites/abc: stsadm -o createsite -url http://server1/Sites/abc.
6. Open the new site with SPD. Click File -> Open Site and enter or browse to http://server1/Sites/abc. It will be empty, except for some default folders.
7. Click Site -> Administration -> Restore Web Site, then browse to the cmp file you created in the previous steps and click OK to start restoring the site.
8. open the new site in a web browser and verify that it is to correct.

Finally define the permission settings for the restored site, since these settings are not restored.