If you want to develop web application like developing windows application, Here you are… you can use Visual Web GUI.
So what’s Visual Web GUI? :), Visual Web GUI is a revolutionary framework that provides intuitive Windows Forms like RAD Designer to develop RIA (web application) with Ajax / Silverlight UIs.
In order to run this application you need to do a few setup on your IIS.

These are some of the issues solved in this version:

Issue             Summary
VWG-3493 – Theme registration and selection was changed. The developer can select one theme or none. An error provider was added to indicate theme rows with errors. These rows will be saved and can be selected as the current theme.
VWG-3484 – Silverlight theme registration bug fixed.
VWG-3483 – TextBox Max length property bug fixed. Now you can edit part of the text by selecting it after it reached the max length size.
VWG-3402 – RibbonBar – DropDownBox showing a js alert popup with the menu item name fixed.
VWG-3385 – Control drag image was added to all the themes.
VWG-3383 – WGLables.GetLocalizedMonthString null value protection on CurrentUICulture added.
VWG-3389 – ASP.NET Control Wrapper menu item missing problem fixed.
VWG-3481 – DataGridViewComboBoxColumn populates items when it is data binded problem fix.
VWG-3464 – Accessing the scalable service was separated to a different method.
VWG-3359 – DataGridView population problem on form load fixed.
VWG-3460 – DataGridView vertical scrollbar where shown even if not required.
VWG-3463 – Web_OnClick.objSource was not cleaned after click is being raised.
VWG-3378 – Form Box result was null even when value added.
VWG-3367 – FormBox Form property was not saved in Viewstate.
VWG-3348 – SearchTextBox Text property was not shown when set by code.
VWG-3366 – FormBox Form property can now handel string.empty.
VWG-3327 – Crystal report after wrapping had no properties in design time.
VWG-3466 – Double click and click events on datagridview fixed.